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Who Said That??


You can change your voice and look great too for your first day of class (yes, it’s just around the cotner)…well, may be not great, just different! Take a look at this Dalek Sec Hybrid Voice Changer Mask , along with many other styles, and become a whole new you.

Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for a month but I’m back with something truly yummy especially if you’re a Transformer fan. This is an actual birthday cake of Optimus Prime. Check out the size in the pic with the birthday boy sitting next to his cake. Read complete story.




I just discovered exploratorium.edu . The web site is hosting a weekly on-line event called MAKER Saturday Webcasts. The webcast runs every Saturday from June 30 to August 4, 2007, at 1:00 PM PDT. Here’s how they describe who and what they do-

“From knitting to robotics, do-it-yourself is the latest craze. Join Dale Dougherty, publisher of Make and Craft magazines, as he introduces some of the most inventive makers in the Bay Area. Guest makers will demonstrate their creations and explain how they’re made. You’ll have a chance to tinker with the best of these inspired creators, who will stay around after the Webcast to answer all your questions. Whether you’re a closet crafter, a serious hacker, or an armchair inventor, you’ll come away inspired by these innovative individuals who made their visions into reality.”

The item that drew my interest and got me exploring deeper into the exploratorium.edu, were these these mini electromagnetic hand made “bugs” called blinkybugs. You can buy one already put together or buy a kit to assemble your own Blinkybug. This is a great place to learn skills and push your own imagination as a toy designer!


I know most Otis Toy Design students, at some point, will build their own website.  What you may not realize is that it is so much more than just creating your own url and then giving everyone you meet the address!

This is an article on the particulars of building a good website, especially if you are trying to promote or sell something – such as yourself.

Take a look at “What Makes a Successful Website?”



Another great convention that is just around the corner this summer, is SIGGRAPH 2007. To see everything new that is happening in computer graphics and interactive techniques, this is the place to be. It’s being held in San Diego, CA this year, from Aug 5th to the 9th. You must register to get in to the convention.


Read more about this amazing robot named “Rogun”, from Korean company KornTech or learn more about the company at www.korntech.com

Bovinyl Toy Contest


T O Y C O N T E S T !!!!!!! Come on everyone – now is your chance!

Shepard Fairey is a is a contemporary artist, graphic designer, illustrator who is influenced by skateboarding, punk rock and graffiti. If you find his art and his viewpoints interesting you can bookmark his OBEY web site. Take a look.


Train Jump House(left) and Cowboy Monkey perched on a tunnel inflatable(right)

These inflatable jump houses might just be 2 perfect examples of how we can sometimes get just a bit to focused on our great idea for a design. It pays to step back and take a CLOSER look! Unless…some one out there planned this and is laughing their head off at the rest of us!!

Read the full story here !