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I just discovered exploratorium.edu . The web site is hosting a weekly on-line event called MAKER Saturday Webcasts. The webcast runs every Saturday from June 30 to August 4, 2007, at 1:00 PM PDT. Here’s how they describe who and what they do-

“From knitting to robotics, do-it-yourself is the latest craze. Join Dale Dougherty, publisher of Make and Craft magazines, as he introduces some of the most inventive makers in the Bay Area. Guest makers will demonstrate their creations and explain how they’re made. You’ll have a chance to tinker with the best of these inspired creators, who will stay around after the Webcast to answer all your questions. Whether you’re a closet crafter, a serious hacker, or an armchair inventor, you’ll come away inspired by these innovative individuals who made their visions into reality.”

The item that drew my interest and got me exploring deeper into the exploratorium.edu, were these these mini electromagnetic hand made “bugs” called blinkybugs. You can buy one already put together or buy a kit to assemble your own Blinkybug. This is a great place to learn skills and push your own imagination as a toy designer!



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Another great convention that is just around the corner this summer, is SIGGRAPH 2007. To see everything new that is happening in computer graphics and interactive techniques, this is the place to be. It’s being held in San Diego, CA this year, from Aug 5th to the 9th. You must register to get in to the convention.

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T O Y C O N T E S T !!!!!!! Come on everyone – now is your chance!

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As I told everyone back on May 17th, on this blog, Comic Con International is just around the corner. There are so many things to see, participate in, listen to, buy, get for free and just have a really great time experiencing – one has to ask…why would you miss going to Comic Con?

This is a photo of a Mini Weta Raygun you can buy for just $30 this year at Comic Con. It’s called a “ManMelter” – YIKES!!!


Read more…here.

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From June 6th to the 9th, I had the privilege of attending the New Media Consortium or NMC 2007 Summer Conference in Indianapolis. I was one, of a group of 14 from Otis, of faculty and staff members. Sue Maberry, Otis Library Director and “Guru of New Media” at Otis was our fearless leader for the week. If not for Sue’s constant effort and hard work, from herself and her staff, Otis would certainly not have such a strong foothold in new media.

John Gordon, Provost of Otis College, attended the conference with us. John wrote to the Otis Community today about an award that Otis was honored with at the conference:

“Sue Maberry accepted the NMC’s Center of Excellence Award for Otis’ ground-breaking work in the area of instructional technology. The NMC award to Otis reads: “Recognized for their creative, technical and artistic support of the campus community.” Otis was one of only 3 institutions so honored. The other Center of Excellence Award recipients were: University of British Columbia and University of Wisconsin, Madison.”

Sue Maberry and Alan Levine(aka “CDB Barley” in Second Life)after Sue receives the Award For Excellence. 

Please take a look at NMC’s link for great photos, comments and all the events that took place during the conference. Another great site to check out and book mark is Alan Levine’s cogdogblog.com

Each day was filled with great sessions with topics that focused on innovation, creativity and new emerging technologies. Otis College of Art and Design has truly embraced everything that is New Media, with an excitement to learn more and share with everyone home at the Otis campus in Los Angeles, CA.

The final day and session of the conference, ended with Apple’s Don Henderson showing a student video named An Empty Cubicle. The video was done by students from The Art Institute of Seattle and was a winner at the Insomnia Film Festival.

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I recommend you visit artist Tim Biskup’s new gallery exhibition at the Billy Shire Fine Arts Gallery, 5790 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232. The exhibit runs from May 26, 2007 to July 7, 2007. Tim’s art can be seen on Gama-Go clothng , limited edition posters and in a new book Limited Edition: Art & Design of Gama-Go (release date June 16, 2007).


Now here’s where it gets even more interesting…Tim has also designed a toy line based on his art. I find each of these toy figures to be as intriguing as his paintings are. Take a look at the toys on timbiskup.com and visit Billy Shire Fine Art’s Gallery to see more of Tim Biskup’s art.

Alphabeast - Calli, 9″ tall vinyl figure

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Below is an email John Gordon, Provost of Otis College of Art and Design forwarded to Otis faculty, in hopes of getting information out to Otis students and alumni, about a comic book publisher who is sponsoring a comic book artist competition.

I also would recommend, if you are interested the contest and in comics, you might take a look at the publisher’s own web site – Platinum Studios. Here’s the email:

“My name is Randy Greenberg and I’m the head of marketing for Platinum Studios, a comic book-based entertainment company based in Los Angeles. We are conducting a contest to find the next great comic book creator. This contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 in the United States. Entries are being accepted through May 31, 2007 at www.comicbookchallenge.com and we would like to be able to post this information somewhere on the Otis Campus or website for all Otis students to see.
Otis has some of the best and brightest artists/creators in America today and we want them to know that we are looking for them. We want to turn their dream of creating a comic book and getting it published and distributed around the world.
Please let me know if this possible to accomplish with Otis.

With many thanks and best regards,
Randy Greenberg”

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